Monday, May 29, 2006

...::: Ichiban Rhymes Pt.1 :::...

Chief Groovy Loo And The Choosen Tribe
"Got 'Em Running Scared"

Year: 1993
Labels: Wrap/Word Records
Distributed: Ichiban Records

01. Shades Of Black
02. I Love New York
03. Ripe For The Pickin'
04. My Mamma Told Me
05. MC's Got Nuttin' On Loo (Remix)
06. The Ghetto Mac
07. When I Rhyme
08. Do The Things You Do
09. I Need A Job
10. Chief Groovy Loo Meets The Press
11. Got 'Em Running Scared
12. Just Chill
13. The Enemy
::: CGRLATCT :::


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Thanks bro! Been looking for this for a long time!!

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